why this project


This is as much a happiness project as it is a housing initiative. Beyond the basics of shelter and safety, the homes we live in have the power to affect us in so many ways. They can uplift us, calm us, let us have the support of close-knit neighbours - or the opposite - they can leave us feeling alone, disconnected and unhappy. I’ve experienced the full spectrum of these emotions in the places I’ve called home over the years. Can good housing design really change your life - your level of happiness?

What I knew to be true through felt experience, I also found proven by substantial research - thoughtful design that bolsters human connections in a neighbourhood and infuses daily life with natural beauty creates happier people, while lack of community and lack of beauty is hazardous to our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Building housing for wellbeing is not too lofty a goal, nor does it conflict with affordability; it requires reprioritization and developers who are informed, who care and are willing to put faith back in human capital.


- Srimonti, Founder