beauty as a basic service


A critical aspect of wellbeing focused housing is design that allows people to experience beauty on a daily basis, both in the form of natural beauty as well as through the aesthetics of the built environment.

Being close to nature has the power to positively impact all aspects of a person's health, and being deprived of nature has equal power for negative impact. Sadly, urban apartment buildings in particular offer scant chance to grow gardens.

Single unit houses may have more outdoor space, but suburban single lot homes are unsustainable. Furthermore, large and varied flower and vegetable gardens are easier to create when taken on as joint projects.

To allow for extensive gardens, a developer must put faith back in a community's desire and ability to maintain shared greenspaces. Efforts vary when residents take on the upkeep of the commons, but communities usually reach solutions that work for everyone.

In addition to nature, the materials and colours used for creating the homes can add warmth to the overall space and make it feel welcoming.